For candidates: Your expectations

We know that everyone’s situation is different.  We understand that everybody is an individual.  We appreciate that regardless of whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first role or a Partner or Director seeking increased equity share and increased earning potential, job seeking or changing job is one of life’s most stressful challenges and one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make.  We treat you with the respect you deserve while providing appropriate coaching and support during this process.

We know that generally speaking, Recruitment Consultancies aren’t particularly known as bastions of great customer service.  We also know that Recruitment Consultancies have been known to place candidates into inappropriate roles or to embellish particular information regarding opportunities to make a quick fee.  This unfortunately largely fair perception is an embarrassment to the handful of professional recruiters among us who work ethically and who are in it for the long term, keen to become a professional’s Recruitment Consultant for the duration of their career rather than for one ill-advised move.  We differ from many of our competitors in one key way: we’re not a KPI-driven agency characterised by constant pressure, employing stressed consultants unable to think straight while being force-fed target after target and encouraged not to work in their candidate’s best interests.  We have built strong, sometimes sole-supplier, often exclusive, virtually always semi-exclusive relationships with key decision makers within the best employers in our sector and we assist these companies by identifying, attracting and recruiting the talent that will help them continue to thrive.  

We will never pressure you to accept an offer that isn’t right and we will always consider your career requirements in the same high regard we give to client needs.  We’ll actually tell you if we think you’d be better staying where you are or speaking to another company.   We’ll also take your call (or call you back as soon as possible when unavailable), acknowledge receipt of your CV, inform you of any relevant opportunities as soon as we identify them and let you know before discussing anything about you with a client.  We’ll be completely transparent with the caveat that we do expect the same in return: only by working in partnership like this we can we help you realise your career objectives and find the most appropriate opportunity.

Let us prove to you that we have your best interests at heart and value your satisfaction with our service.

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