For clients: Our approach

When filling vacancies for our clients, we approach each role with an open mind and a blank canvass.  Every role is as individual as the person required to fill it so we know that sending every CV we have access to isn’t the best approach.  We also know that we need to earn our fee.  We therefore take the hard-work, stress and time-consumption of Recruitment away from you to allow you to focus on running your business.  We take time to understand not only the vacancy brief in detail, but also the company culture, ethos & values to ensure that we find the best person for the job.  We’re not satisfied with anything less.

We have built and developed a substantial professional network of the most talented individuals within our market and use this network to identify, source, and select suitable individuals for our clients’ businesses, and we ensure that we regularly keep in touch with the individuals within this network – the majority of whom could be described as “passive” job seekers, open to our professional approach but not searching job advertisements anywhere.  This enables us to to engage with talent and identify synergies with clients’ requirements often prior to the point where a vacancy becomes business critical, resulting in us being ready to move quickly the moment we are called upon to do so.  Additionally, we are most often the first and usually only call made when a high-calibre individual on our professional radar decides to actively explore the market.

To ensure that we are in touch with the wider marketplace and that we continue to expand our professional network, we advertise in trade publications and on the best on-line media, ensure that we have a solid and wide-reaching social-media presence and, particularly when requested to fill some of the more senior appointments, we often engage in direct, discreet, professional and highly-successful headhunting.  Generally, we fill vacancies using a flexible combination of all of the options at our disposal but as stated earlier, every position is different and requires a unique solution tailored to your requirements.

Our Premium retained Recruitment service involves assessing a client’s company and people culture, using a state-of-the-art online assessment tool, and assessing all shortlisted applicants against this cultural fit, putting science behind hiring within culture and virtually eliminating chances of an unsuitable hire.

We are quality-driven, values-led and recognise our role as a professional-services provider.  We believe that people are the most important asset of a company and that the effective recruitment and retention of the right individuals is of paramount importance in affecting success. We build relationships with people, assessing chemistry fits and soft-skill fits as well as the more obvious hard skill matches and actively encourage all clients and jobseekers to do exactly the same in order to ensure long-term success.  To underpin our business offering, we have invested in world-class, state-of-the-art technology and systems – our main IT platform is the latest cloud-hosted recruitment CRM software, securely accessible at any time using any device from anywhere in the world and our offices are powered by a superfast fibre optic internet connection, meaning we can virtually always respond to all requests almost immediately.

Let us take the pressure of filling a position away from you.  Let us add value to your business.